Minimum 10 Millions portfolio simulations Our scientifically proven investment model, with over 10 millions of possible portfolio combinations per rebalancing point, produces stable returns in all market phases, since only the best and optimal portfolio is used and implemented for any investment.
3 setable return targets (A,B,C) You can choose three different return targets A (low return), B(medium return) and C (high return).Once this is set, sit back, relax and watch your investment grow. You can switch to any new return targets anytime.
Robo-rebalancing We don’t have fixed rebalancing points, instead the investment model rebalances all portfolios automatically based on current market behavior. Since the rebalancing program runs autonomously in the background, there is no manual intervention needed.Based on that, for any given market scenario, the optimal portfolio is always chosen at the right time.
Active managed and developed by investment professionals Our investment model has been build and managed by investment professionals only, who are in business since over 20 years. Since we have gained a lot of experience through the recent market turmoil, we are well prepared for any future situations. Whether you select managed portfolios or manage your portfolio yourself, you can be sure, that always the best portfolio combination for the selected return targets is picked
Cost comparions Since the whole process runs already fully automated, we don’t have to pay expensive headcounts, external advisors, IT development or any other service providers to maintain full quality.We do also not rely on any fees or charges from custody banks, where fees are usually passed to investors.